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Spiritual Response Therapy SRT

“Spiritual Response Therapy is the most powerful method of counseling that I have ever experienced. It has dramatically changed my life and the lives of many others.” ― Robert E. Detzle

SRT Robert DetzlerSRT is an authentic and objective system of researching the subconscious mind and soul records so as to quickly find and release all active discordant energies, limiting ideas/beliefs to enable more conscious spiritual growth and healing.

The system of SRT involves the use of a superconsciously charged pendulum, a set of intricate charts, and a specific series of questions to complete the research and the clearing of all discordant programming and energies.

spiritual response therapySRT clearing is a team work of client’s and practitioner’s High Self, guided by the Spirit, and often times assisted by other Spiritual beings.

We do not research any positive lives, since they are not the ones causing problems. When High Self clears a negative program it literally erases the discordant energy from the subconscious mind and soul records.

As a result, negative energy involved with the experience is dissolved whereas only the wisdom and knowledge gained from the experience remains. To put it another way, rather than being driven by subconscious beliefs and programs that don’t serve you, you now become free to live to your greatest potential and express your true authentic self.

Some of the key benefits of SRT clearing are:

  • Freedom from blocks, interferences, curses, programs, past life karma, contracts, limiting beliefs & attached souls
  • Fix glitches on different levels of the soul consciousness as well as eliminate obstacles to significantly enhance life experience
  • Break cycles of disharmony and harmonize relationships
  • Clarity and freedom of authentic soul in the body
  • Feel immediate shift of energy in and around you
  • Download wisdom, power code and meaning of life
  • Receive personalized affirmation statements based on the clearing work

SRT is one of the most powerfully objective, yet virtually painless and accurate way to instantly shift energies from negative to positive.

Suffice it to say that a SRT clearing is an ultimate TLC you can give to yourself, as well as a priceless gift to anyone you care about.



You reached out to the universe and it brought you here. There is abundant blessing waiting for you. We are honored to act as a channel to help you unlock and activate the universal knowing that’s already in you.

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