Who Will Benefit from SRT Clearing?

SRT clearing will benefit anybody

The SRT system is a healing tool developed with benevolence for the purpose of wellness and transformation for all to receive love, joy and abundance.

It is designed to help us release anything that gets in the way of the ultimate potential soul awakening and growth. It works on anyone regardless of race, religion or beliefs, age or profession.

SRT healing system uses a set of intricate charts representing different categories, aspects or levels. First the Spirit and the practitioner are joined as one before High Self of the practitioner and client join in the healing work. A series of questions are asked and a pendulum is used to dowse for answers, identifying underlying issues. Then we ask High Self to dissolve the issues and clear the related energies, resulting in immediate release of the conditions and healing of the client.

SRT system can also clear homes, businesses, projects, family and friends, relationships or pets.

SRT researches to find the root causes, programs, blocks, karma and negative energies that have manifested in a client’s life mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. As soon as these items are cleared, the client is freed from the suffering and healed.

One important note about SRT work is that it doesn’t erase the memory but it only clears the energies associated with the experience, relationship or event, so that the wisdom and knowledge gained through the experience remains without the karma or negative energies.

Often times, people are programmed or falsely believe that the soul can only evolve through suffering and pain, but that is not true.

A painful journey cannot have a happy ending. Bitterness and hardship cannot yield love.

Staying in the rut is not necessary and it will only cause deeper wounds.

Fortunately, there are Spiritual beings readily available to help through various spiritual healers and techniques. Clearing and healing can be done through other techniques or practices, Shamanism for one, but clearing using SRT is more precise, profound and painless. And it sets the soul free instantly from the experience of suffering.

It is your choice

To be free or to be held down is simply a choice that everyone needs to make for himself/herself. If you have been living a life that is less than what you came to experience, it’s time to decide you want to take the freedom path or continue to struggle.

SRT is one of the most powerful and effective tools to help release negative energies and heal the soul from any karma, traumas or anything else that doesn’t serve your greatest good.

Do you desire to have more positive experience living on earth? It is possible to learn the earthly lessons through joyful and abundant experience, so that you can best express who you truly are!

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