What the Pendulum Has Taught Me

The use of pendulum was introduced to me when I first started working with Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT).

Common Myths about the Pendulum

Myth #1. A pendulum indicates a “Yes” answer by a nodding motion, and a “No” answer by a side to side motion as shown in the images.

Not always. While it may be true for some people, others may find it completely the opposite. Take my case for example, my nodding was “No” and side-to-side was “Yes”.

To find out your own Yes and No motions, you need to calibrate the pendulum, in other words, you and the pendulum got to know each other first.

You do this by asking the pendulum to give you your “Yes” indicator, and then give the pendulum a start by setting it in a circular motion. The pendulum will slow down and whatever motion your pendulum ends up with is your Yes indicator.

Then repeat the same procedure to get your “No” indicator.

Following that, you ask the pendulum to give you your “Clear” motion, by setting the pendulum on any other motion than circular, either nodding or side-to-side. The pendulum will end up with either a clockwise or a counterclockwise motion. Then repeat the procedure for your “Download” motion.

When this is finished, confirm the answers by asking “Is nodding motion my “Yes” (or “No” based on the previous answers)? And is side-to-side motion my ____ (Yes/No)?” The answers should be pretty consistent.

Myth #2. If my “Yes” is one way, I get the same “Yes” motion with all pendulums.

Not true.

I don’t know the reasons but I can tell you about my experience. I bought a few pendulums as spare in case I should break or lose one when needed for a session.

Out of curiosity, I set out to try out all of them. The result was jaw-dropping, for I ended up with different motion indicators and combinations.

So it is best to always calibrate a new pendulum.

Myth #3. Your motion indicators for a particular pendulum stay the same forever.

Not so. It does change. How often? I can’t tell you.

My pendulum motion indicators stayed the same way until I traveled to Hawaii. The day after I arrived, the pendulum answers confused me. So I tested the pendulum with known facts and found the indicator of “Yes” and “No” switched. I asked around but nobody knew, so we were wondering if it was due to the different geographic location or magnetic field of the earth.

After 4-5 days in Hawaii, the indicators switched back to what they were before. Well, since I was still in Hawaii, it couldn’t be on account of the location. And since it switched back after a few days, I was wondering if the pendulum had jetlag like I did.

Fascinating, but no big deal. After two weeks in Hawaii, I returned home. Surprise! The pendulum changed the motions indicators again. I was thinking to myself “It must be the jetlag thing”, and expected it to be back to normal in a few days.

In due time, jetlag was over for me, but the pendulum motion indicator didn’t switch back. My “Yes” now was “No’ and vice versa. This is too much! How can I trust that my “Yes” is indeed Yes? I checked almost every day to see if it should switch back.

It didn’t.

The Reason for this Post

It’s been on my mind for a while to share my experience with using the pendulum. It wasn’t intended just to give people some information about pendulum, although some readers may find it helpful.

The main reason is about the lesson I learned and the confirmation I got through the surprising change of pendulum motion indicators.

When the motion didn’t change back as it did a few days after it first changed in Hawaii, I was pretty nervous about the pendulum answers. “Is it the ‘Yes’ I think it is or…? I’d better check”. So I did, every time I picked up the pendulum.

Being the innately curious type, I wouldn’t give up seeking the answer without finding a plausible explanation.

As the Hawaii adventure had special spiritual meaning to me, I asked the spirit if it happens when there is a shift in the subconscious. I set about for a session just to figure out what the change of motion indicators was all about.

No, it wasn’t due to any shift in consciousness. The spirit was clear about that. The changes only pertained to me individually. I said to the spirit “I can’t think of anything. Please show me”.

There was a deposit in my mind instantly. It was a recent memory.

Shortly before the trip to Hawaii, my daughter came for a visit. While I was demonstrating how my pendulum gives me answers, she did not believe there was any merit in that. She suspected that I probably manipulated the pendulum to steer toward where I wanted it to point.

I knew it wasn’t true but I am open to ideas that are not the same as mine, especially from someone close, like my children. They always come up with new and different ideas that help me keep up with the changing time. I appreciate their inputs, which represent a section of the society, in case I should get stuck “too much” in my own ways.

Vacations give a necessary break. It’s a good time to reflect and fine-tune the course of the journey.

spiritual response therapyI knew the pendulum answers were not influenced by me in the SRT clearing because my eyes and my mind were focused on the pendulum’s motion around the origin point not on any items, and I don’t memorize all the items and their positions on a particular chart. It is only after the pendulum indicates the direction that I follow the extension of the motion to identify the item on a chart.

Doing a SRT clearing session is the most relaxing time for me. My conscious mind takes a break while my High Self works in collaboration with other spiritual beings. My only part is to be a clear vessel for the work and follow the established procedures. That is the reason I know SRT work is authentic and accurate, because I’m not involved other than being the pure vessel. That is also the reason clients are able to make the connections with the items identified even though I know nothing about them.

And yet, my daughter’s comment deeply affected me. When this memory was deposited in my mind, I realized that the spirit was trying to remove the doubt cast on me. It was assuring me that I was not manipulating the pendulum’s answers because I wouldn’t have noticed the change of motion indicators. All the changes back and forth were to show me that I wasn’t in control of the pendulum motion indicators.

It was a period of confusion followed by unbeatable clarity. The lessons learned were many folds. I learned to keep my mind open to all possibilities, to trust SRT (and the pendulum), to recognize that spirit is not just a concept, rather it is alive and interacts with us all the time.

While this incident made me an even firmer believer of the use of pendulum and Spiritual Response Therapy, it is also an intimate moment with the spirit and how they are interested and involved in our journey on a daily basis.

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