Urgent Message to Our Clients and Friends

Dear Friends,

I took the Abraham South Caribbean Cruise just before Covid-19 broke out in the US. We had a wonderful time attending Abraham workshops, refreshing the teachings by Abraham and reuniting with old friends.


When we came back on the US land again two weeks later, everything had changed. There was so much frenzy and fear, at the same time there were also indifferences and carelessness. Who’d have imagined that the disease that daunted China weeks ago is now shaking and reshaping the world?

With regards to the current global situation, I’d like to share some points of reflections which hopefully will stimulate more thoughts and consciousness…

  • Everything is energy – so is corona virus
  • Source gives, source takes
  • You attract what you are vibrating – nothing is exempted from the law of attraction
  • Belief system is powerful – so what do you believe?
  • There’s a reason for every existence, even for Covid-19
  • No judgment: there is no good or bad
  • We are all connected and connected to all
  • Love is the only energy – forgive, accept and love
  • Are my thoughts on the virus reflecting who I really am?
  • What lessons have I learned from the current situation?

This is a much-needed break for nature as well as for us.
This is a great time for reflection.

In love and light,
Yuling Chansard
Unlock the Knowing
Quantum Healing Hypnosis QHHT & SRT- North Atlanta

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