Urgent Message to Our Clients and Friends

Dear Friends, I took the Abraham South Caribbean Cruise just before Covid-19 broke out in the US. We had a wonderful time attending Abraham workshops, refreshing the teachings by Abraham and reuniting with old friends. When we came back on the US land again two weeks later, everything had changed. There was so much frenzy and fear, at…
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kitten 2

A SRT Session: Healing a Client’s Allergies to Cats

Julia had severe allergies to cats Julia had severe cat allergy for as long as she could remember. She first found out she had allergy to cat when she was 7 years old. As years went by, her allergies seemed to grow more serious. When she got near a cat her eyes would get red,…
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door to wisdom

How I got my psychic medium power back

Not feeling special enough People especially spiritual masters, healers and energy practitioners saw me as a “healer” with very strong energy. And yet I couldn’t see that in myself. No, not that, but I was avoiding the subject because I didn’t see myself special. And it was certainly not part of my plan to…
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Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton

What comes after life? I recently finished reading Dr. Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls, after his other book “Life Between Lives”. The book is an intimate journal about the spirit world. It contains 29 case studies throughout his 30 years of “life between lives” hypnotherapy practice. These are very helpful when helping clients explore…
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spiritual deep

Spiritual Healing Cannot Take Place Without Faith

Last week a man with endogenus recurrent depression approached me. He’s been disappointed with the traditional medicine and drugs, and desperate for help with alternative healing. He doesn’t know if he can be helped; he is poor; and he lives in the UK (London). I told him that QHHT may help him find the root…
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the freedom path

Who Will Benefit from SRT Clearing?

SRT clearing will benefit anybody The SRT system is a healing tool developed with benevolence for the purpose of wellness and transformation for all to receive love, joy and abundance. It is designed to help us release anything that gets in the way of the ultimate potential soul awakening and growth. It works on anyone…
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leaning building

A Dream with a Lot of Symbolism

This article is a sequel to the previous story about clearing black magic for a client. For that story, read HERE. After the clearing session When I work with SRT clearing, I faithfully follow the process, highly focused but without any mental input. It almost feels like a meditation, in which you focus on your…
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SRT Released Client from Satanic Control

A matter of paranormal nature A few months after I started working with SRT, a young woman, let’s call her Lacy, approached me needing help with “paranormal matter”. Before I got all the details I imagined this to be a case of either haunting ghosts or alien encounter. To my great surprise, it involved her…
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image 9

The Number 9 in My Life

How did it begin? A few weeks ago, I came across a legendary but true story of a Chinese woman who saved many lives of people having incurable and terminal illnesses. She claimed that she had no medical knowledge or ability to heal anyone; she was only an intermediate between aliens and patients. When patients…
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What the Pendulum Has Taught Me

The use of pendulum was introduced to me when I first started working with Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). Common Myths about the Pendulum Myth #1. A pendulum indicates a “Yes” answer by a nodding motion, and a “No” answer by a side to side motion as shown in the images. Not always. While it may…
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