SRT Released Client from Satanic Control

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A matter of paranormal nature

A few months after I started working with SRT, a young woman, let’s call her Lacy, approached me needing help with “paranormal matter”. Before I got all the details I imagined this to be a case of either haunting ghosts or alien encounter.

To my great surprise, it involved her husband’s ex-wife, who summoned Satanic forces with black magic. She even manipulated her two innocent young kids to assist her in placing voodoo and curses on Lacy, in an attempt to get back with her ex-husband.

Damages were real and serious

Lacy’s life was turned upside down and she literally felt like being tossed by a never-ending tornado. She lost her job, the custody of her young daughter, lost all her friends, and the support of even her own family. She had been searching and contacting people to help her, but everybody shunned her. She was depressed, devastated and in grave despair.

“Can I help her with SRT?”

Since I had not had a case quite like that before, I asked her to give me some time to seek my spiritual guidance. Quickly the Spirit said Yes and that I could help Lacy.

One great thing about Spiritual Response Therapy is that the client doesn’t have to be there physically, it was better in fact because I could carry out the work without having to deal with all the dark energies surrounding her etheric body.

Ready to research and clear her charts, but WAIT…

I did the normal prep work to get started on the clearing but the Spirit indicated that I wasn’t ready. So I asked what else I needed to do, and they sent onboard with me the following spiritual beings:

  • Masters
  • Council of Seven
  • High Council
  • Forces of Light
  • Infinite Council

Only after that I was given the green light to begin.

Why I like using and trust SRT as a tool

Here I want to explain why I like using SRT as a quantum healing tool and why I know it is accurate. When I work on a client’s chart, I first ask a question, then set the pendulum in a circular motion while I focus on the original point on the chart. I follow the pendulum direction and read what is being indicated only after it comes out of the circular motion to indicate an area of the chart.

My job is to follow the process, be a pure and clear vessel while the Spirit figures out the rest.

The most negative energies I’ve ever cleared on a client’s chart

First I asked Spirit to clear blocks in her soul and spiritual consciousness. Right after that they sent me to clear the chart of Blocks and Interferences.

In this case, on the chart of Blocks and Interferences, the first item that came up was “Discarnates in possession”, followed by “Discordant thought forms”, “Satanics, Demonics”, “Dark forces”, “Satanic forces” and “demonic forces”.

Discarnates are souls that have left the physical body but not the physical vibrations of the earth plane. I wasn’t aware that the chart had an item called “Discarnates in possession”. Because there are so many charts with so many items, I always keep a SRT dictionary and reference books on the side as I work on the charts.

All is energy

We tend to think of Demonics or Satanics as extremely devilish creatures with bloody eyes and horns, but nothing could be further from the truth. Everything in the Universe is energy. These just represent very dark energies on the negative side of the spectrum. On the opposite side of the spectrum we have peace, joy and love. In between these two extremes is everything else.

Why the client was in such despair

Having one of those dark energies is enough for a client to feel the impact of blocks and interferences; yet Lacy had practically every item of very negative energy on the chart.

As if that was not enough, further research revealed that there were curses on her and her root, solar plexus, throat and 3rd eye chakras were all blocked. She also had spiritual blocks and blocks to LUMINOUS and friendliness.

I had not met the client and didn’t know anything about her, but based on her charts I could only imagine how grave things were for her. She had no connections to spiritual help, no friends or social support and was blocked from the light/enlightenment. Most of her chakras were blocked, which rendered her paralyzed and powerless.

Changing energies through SRT clearing works fast and effortless

It is not easy for a person to fight negative forces or dark energies by himself or other physical beings. But the spirit and advanced spiritual beings can dissolve dark energies instantly. It is not natural for us in 3rddimensional reality to comprehend why it is so, yet I have seen time and again that’s exactly how it works.

Never fight the dark energies with your own strength

I was wondering about why the spirit didn’t allow me to clear Lacy’s charts like how I usually do with client’s and my High Self assisted by the Spirit, so after the session I researched the SRT manual for clearing dark energies, black magic and witchcrafts. It is said that in the old days exorcism could only be performed by priests. And sometimes priests lost their lives simply because of exhaustion. The manual warns that we should never deal with dark energies with our own strength.

I was new but the spirit knew what they were doing

I had no idea I was that close! But I trust that since I got initiated into the SRT work (sort of like anointed), I have direct connection with the Spirit. That’s how they could stop me from going in the work without proper force and assistance. Since I do SRT work teamed up with High Self and Spirit, it’s like they were making sure their teammate put on proper protection before handling dangerous matter.

Dark clouds dispersed for Lacy as I was clearing charts

It took me well over three hours to clear Lacy’s chart. When I called her to execute the integration statement, she told me that she had felt better than she had in the last few months. As we were speaking on the phone her family reached out to her, which she said had not happened for a long time.

Clearly, blocks were removed and the energy changed immediately.

The following days and weeks I received news from Lacy reporting to me how her life was improving. She got back to work and started to rebuild her life.

SRT works

There are many amazing stories of how SRT works to help completely change a client’s condition instantly. I will share more whenever possible.

SRT is a tool I like to use on myself and my family all the time. I even used it on my parents who are in the spiritual realm.

I used SRT on my pets and the physical conditions immediately disappeared.

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