Spiritual understanding of being forgetful

Have you become forgetful lately?

Do you feel that you are becoming forgetful of simple things and minute details? You can’t remember what news you saw the other day. Or remember what someone told you moments ago. It feels sometimes as if your mind is going blank.

You may be thinking about taking supplements to enhance the memory. Or you may be thinking about seeing a medical doctor for assessment.

You may also be trying exercises to challenge your mind. While it is true that since the brain is a muscle we need to use it to keep it healthy, it’s not the reason we become forgetful.

When our soul first entered the body and incarnated into this lifetime, we had complete intuition, a natural intrinsic knowing. As child we had more connection with the source, but as we grew we developed consciousness about the physical world and began to lose that connection. We rely more and more on the knowledge we acquired from this physical world.

In order to complete the journey on earth, we need to move away from all earthliness and ascend to higher level of consciousness. In the process, we find ourselves becoming less interested in earthly matters, such as politics, wealth and power, among other things. We may also become forgetful.

Inability to remember simple and small things is nature’s way to redirect your focus, to something more meaningful and everlasting. It is a way to guide you to connect with your inner self, your soul and who you really are. A natural and inevitable process, the same way a baby grows teeth, learns to walk and speak, and becomes conscious of the physical environment. It is a process of unlearning things about the physical world and returning to the higher consciousness state.

In the high state of consciousness we do not rely on physical function of the mind to remember, analyze in order to know. Your inner guidance will tell you everything you want to know, because you have all the answers inside you.

It is our belief that we are physical beings separated from the source or God that causes us to distrust our inner guidance.

All experiences of past life regression clients show that we are spiritual beings incarnated in physical body. And this is but one of the many lifetimes we have lived. The body we have and character we play in each lifetime may be different but our soul is the same soul. The only difference is that our soul is learning and growing through each lifetime it has lived. We as all living things are designed to perfect ourselves overtime.

The memories of all lessons learned in each lifetime are stored in our subconscious. The subconscious is very powerful because it encompasses our connection to super-consciousness, which connects everything in the entire universe. When we stop following our conscious mind, we get connected with our heart. The heart is the seat of all emotions, and emotions are associated with the subconscious mind.

Connecting with your heart and learning to trust your intuition is the first step to tapping into the infinite power of the universe.

Therefore, if you are becoming forgetful of small earthly things or disinterested in worldly matters, you can rest assured that something greater is coming your way.

There are ways to train yourself to tune in to the internal guidance. Meditation is the fastest way to connect to the higher power. Spend quiet time alone, stop mental chatters and empty all thoughts. You’ll have such clarity that you’ll instantly read a person’s energy and intentions. You’ll know all answers intuitively.

No need to worry to death, nor to analyze or think yourself to exhaustion.

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