Spiritual Healing Cannot Take Place Without Faith

Last week a man with endogenus recurrent depression approached me. He’s been disappointed with the traditional medicine and drugs, and desperate for help with alternative healing.

He doesn’t know if he can be helped; he is poor; and he lives in the UK (London).

I told him that QHHT may help him find the root cause of his condition but I couldn’t give him a session because it has to be in person. So I sent him the link to the QHHT official site to find someone in his area. I told him that he may be able to get a free session from the interns, but assured him that even beginner practitioners can have amazing session and facilitate miraculous healings.

I offered to give him a SRT session free, because I can do SRT offline and off site, as long as he resonates with the SRT healing principle.

Lastly, I said the following:
“I understand the despair you feel about your health but please have faith. Without faith nothing will work. You’ve got to believe that the help is out there and that you CAN be helped. If there’s a problem, there’s a solution. It’s just that you need to get the message or learn the lessons it tries to give you or else you’ll keep on having the same thing.”

It is important to remember that though healing can come through medicine to some extent, but the true healing and the only permanent healing is through attunement to Spirit and knowing ourselves as spiritual beings.

If you feel it in your heart to help this gentleman with your gifts, please let me know.

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