The Number 9 in My Life

How did it begin?

A few weeks ago, I came across a legendary but true story of a Chinese woman who saved many lives of people having incurable and terminal illnesses. She claimed that she had no medical knowledge or ability to heal anyone; she was only an intermediate between aliens and patients.

When patients came to see her, she listened to their complaints and then she handed them a piece of paper with the protocols to follow. Then she wrote down a number and asked the patient to lie still for two hours thinking of that number.

I was greatly fascinated by the story, which I will share later in other posts.

One day, I wasn’t feeling very well and started meditation while lying on my back. Instead of focusing on my discomfort, I had the urge to meditate on the number 9. So I asked the spirit to show me what kind of connections I have with the number.

My destiny card based on birthday

cards of destinyFirst thing that came up was my Card of Destiny, which is 9 of Diamonds. Cards of Destiny is a lost ancient science or knowledge which has been recently rediscovered. Based on Cards of Destiny, every day of the year is associated with a card. And this card explains a lot about you based on your birthday, much like Astrology. I could connect a lot of dots about me and people in my life through Cards of Destiny. Look up Robert Lee Camp on 7 Thunders website.

My high school and my uncle

Then I was reminded that the high school I attended in China was Number 9 High School in the city. In China, primary and secondary schools in cities are usually named with numbers. It is not a ranking system. They just don’t give them regular names unless a school has special history, for instance a Catholic school.

After that, my favorite uncle with whom I felt deep connection came up. He was the 9th grandson of my great grandfather. I addressed him as Uncle the 9th. In Chinese tradition, you address uncles and aunts differently based on whether they are on your mother’s side or your father’s side. In fact, every relative is addressed differently based on maternal or paternal lineage. For instance, maternal grandmother is “Lao Lao” while paternal grandmother is called “Nai Nai”. Here is a chart of different names for relatives based on lineage connection.

Chinese for relatives

With uncles and aunts, it is often used with a number based on their birth orders.

My husband and me

Next, my focus was transferred to my birthday and my husband’s birthday. My birthday adds up to 99, which is also 9; my husband’s birthday adds up to 9.

Following that, the spirit moved my focus to my family names: my maiden name has 9 strokes in Chinese character; my husband’s last name, my current last name, also has 9 strokes in French or English.

My pets

All right alI right! I got it. Now what about my pets? When the meditation ended I went straight back to my calendar to figure out about my pets.

We received Jolie, our Beagle on 5-24-16, adding up to 9.

We rescued Clarity our black cat from a storm drain on 5-22-18, adding up to 99, and 9 in the end.

Nothing is random

It has been an interesting experience reflecting on the number 9. Everyone has synchronicities in their lives like this. I invite you to become more aware of different aspects of your life, for awareness leads to self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Synchronicity is a confirmation that you are coming in alignment with the Source. It shows us that nothing is random, nor accidental nor coincidental. The connections are everywhere, provided you take the time to observe and reflect.

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