How I got my psychic medium power back

Not feeling special enough

People especially spiritual masters, healers and energy practitioners saw me as a “healer” with very strong energy. And yet I couldn’t see that in myself. No, not that, but I was avoiding the subject because I didn’t see myself special. And it was certainly not part of my plan to be a healer.

My great admiration always goes out to spiritual healers and I seize every opportunity to try different healing modalities. I see them as highly spiritual and blessed with special healing gifts. I never saw myself as having these gifts.

The journey of knowing

Spiritual journey is about getting to know oneself. Throughout the soul’s journey of different existences, the consciousness has accumulated ideas, thoughts, beliefs, programs that are confusing and limiting.

Spiritual Response Therapy SRT is a quantum healing tool that I use personally to break through blocks and resistances and reclaim the uniquely special me.

Connecting with my High Self, I regularly clear my subconscious mind and soul record. I just faithfully follow the process and one day I suddenly realized something had shifted:

  • Client SRT sessions put me in trance-like meditation.
  • Clients started to have “Aha” moments, finding tremendous relief and elevation during their session.
  • I started to channel and teach spiritual ideas and concepts I never thought of before.
  • The information just came pouring through me with accurate and enlightening answers to client’s questions and situations.
“Psychic medium”

Then I was wondering how the information got through me even though it had never crossed my mind, and the term “psychic medium” kept on ringing in my mind. I took it as a sign that Spirit wanted me to consult psychic medium.

Before I could decide on which psychic medium to go to, an idea popped in my head after one SRT client session that I should ask my High Self about it.

High Self indicated that I am both psychic and a medium myself, but there were blocks in my subconsciousness that kept me from fully expressing it.

Show me what blocks

I asked High Self to show me where the blocks were. High Self removes blocks and dissolves the energies instantly once they are identified, but I am someone who learns through understanding and logic. Spirit took me back to the time when I was a child. My ability of accurately telling about others – something that got me in trouble a lot, which caused my conscious mind to create a program to avoid reading people.

More blocks were created later on when I was practicing religion. I should say that being religious does increase your consciousness to some extent, because I could read fellow believers all day long. This sent me on guilt trips of being judgmental. So I consciously suppressed this part of the mind.

When I read people’s energy I formed some kind of perception about them. I equated it as having opinions or judgments about them. Spirit told me that it was false beliefs, because I wasn’t using it to hurt people as I always hold perfect understanding, acceptance and love toward them. It is a gift that has helped me connect to Source and now I can use to help others.

Why showing me now

Why did they not reveal it earlier? I asked. Instantly I knew why. I wasn’t ready. Spirit will never give you more than you can handle. I am an empath and very sensitive to other’s energy around me. Once I was at a dinner table on a cruise. The guy sitting next to me had a few drinks too much and I found myself dizzy and vomiting after I left the dinner table. There were other times when I tried to uplift someone in distress, I came away with depressed feelings lingering like dark clouds for a day or two.

Now I have better boundaries and I am able to help clients with dark energies without being affected. The reason is: I used to help people with my own energy and power, which could get depleted; now I am connected with Spirit and rely on the help Spirit, so that when the power goes through me to help the client, I get more charged at the same time.

Healing myself and helping others

With much gratitude I accepted the reclaimed psychic and channeling ability to help my clients. Some of them came to earth with very special missions but are currently struggling to get on track. They describe it as a breath of fresh air working with me when others think- and they begin to wonder themselves- if they are going out of their mind.

When we don’t know our true self, we are at the mercy of others’ opinion, of others’ ideas of how we should be or act. We allow them to write programs that create blocks in our subconsciousness, keeping us from expressing our full potential. Spirit worked with me clearing out hidden blocks that kept me from my highest good. In turn, I am helping those who are searching to find their path for themselves.

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