Due to Covid-19, all in-person sessions require the wearing of a face mask. You will be supplied with a disposable mask should you need one.
SRT remote sessions are still available and encouraged.

Be Protected!


full_qhht_private_sessionFull QHHT Private Session

The full Quantum Healing Hypnosis private session follows Dolores Cannon’s technique. It consists of three parts:

  • The interview – a time to prepare for the session;
  • Past life regression – review of past life scenes/events that are relevant to help your current life situations;
  • Contact the subconscious – your therapist will address your subconscious for guidance and for healing/relief of unwanted emotional/physical conditions

You’ll receive a copy of the session recording for your continued healing later on your own.

The session lasts 5-6 hours. There won’t be extra charge if your session runs overtime.



Full Spiritual Response Therapy SRT

This Full Spiritual Response Therapy session is a comprehensive spiritual clearing of all blocks, interferences, traumas, programs, curses, contracts and discordant energies from past lives, other lives and past lives in other dimensions. The session not only clears negative energies from the past, but also removes blocks in higher spiritual levels and dimensions.

You will receive a Spiritual Prescription specifically for you based on your clearing work.

The session takes 2.5 hours to complete. It can be done in person or remotely.


SRT Specific Issue ClearingSRT Specific Issue Clearing

This Spiritual Response Therapy session is for clients who have done comprehensive clearing in the past 12 months that need more clearing due to new/persistent issues or conditions, or simply because more challenges come in focus as client progresses rapidly. We recommend SRT clearing every 6 to 12 months depending on the need.

The session takes up to 1.5 hours. It can be done remotely or offline.


relationship_inner_child_clearingSRT Relationship & Inner Child Clearing

If you have a very difficult relationship with someone in your life, it’s mostly you have some unresolved issues rooted in past lives or past lives in other dimensions . This SRT session researches into your past life ties with a person and clears the related negative energy. We will also progress your Inner Child to find and clear negative emotional patterns of your current life.

The session takes up to 1.5 hours. It can be done remotely or offline.

$125 (Promotional)

spiritual_counseling_mentoringSpiritual Counseling & Mentoring

This session is for someone who has awakened and wants more knowledge and understanding of the spiritual journey. Deep inside, you know there is God, Spirit, Source or whatever you want to call it, but you desire to know more about how everything works. You accept the existence of Spirit in faith or through inner knowing but you want to bring the understanding to the conscious mind in the mental level. You will gain deeper understanding of the laws of the universe. You will be able to connect the dots and put things in perspective, activating your alignment with the Source and attain morepersonal growth. When you line up with the power of the Source, you will be able to consciously create the life you want, having more happiness, harmony and abundance. You will live a very successful life.

The session is 2.5 hours.


Helpful Tips

All QHHT sessions and SRT In-person sessions take place in our home studio in Lawrenceville. The studio has an uplifting ambiance and is filled with loving positive energy. Map Here

One Session Per Client Per Day:

In order that each client gets the most out of the session, only one appointment is scheduled per client on a given day.

Reschedule if your plan changes:

Modify your appointment asap so that we can dedicate the time to someone who needs it or on the waitlist. Please honor your time and mine, as well as opportunity for others.


Also, there are two important family members who will always be home. They are Jolie and Clarity, who are highly spiritual and play important roles. Jolie’s life purpose is to raise human vibrations with unconditional love and unbounded positivity while Clarity guards our home by warding off unwanted spirits and energies.


If you have allergies to pets and animals, please sign up first for a SRT session to clear those energies.


Please park in the driveway – the space is reserved for you.

Session Options:

When you sign up for a SRT session please indicate your preference:

  • In-Person: best way to experience the direct healing immersed in the divine energy
  • Online via FaceTime: best if you are not available to come to the studio
  • Absently: best option when the clearing is requested on a loved one who does not yet consider spiritual healing as an option

All three modes are powerful and effective, each with different emphasis.


Much appreciation for your taking the step toward shifting your energy and healing our planet!

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