A Personal Spiritual Journey

personal spiritual journeyHello! This is Yuling.

A counselor, teacher, spiritual healer and quantum healing practitioner, I am God, created and expressed as me. In essence I feel infinite connection to all: Source (God), humans, animals and nature.

My personal spiritual journey started at an early age. As a child I remembered looking up at the bright moon in the starry night sky while wondering what would be my connection to all out there.

Spiritual and supernatural things always fascinate me; furthermore, I have an innate curiosity about how human mind works. Where do the knowingness and intuition come from? Who am I and what my purpose is here on earth? Many questions but many distractions from seeking the truth.

Personal Transformation

Not in my wildest dreams could I believe the secrets the universe was going to reveal to me, which brought me layers upon layers of healing, enlightenment and transformation.

By nature I am both intuitive and analytical, resulting in a unique combination of spirituality and logic, but my greatest strength lies in always having an open mind.

Through searching and meditating I discovered a whole new universe.

The Connection

During meditation one day, I was guided into a castle with a gigantic control center. As I marveled at the magnificent control room, the guide told me I would receive the knowledge and secrets of the whole control center.

red birdExactly one year after that I found Dolores Cannon, who instantly captivated me. My whole being resonated with her teaching, in fact I felt that she validated everything I had always believed. Without giving it a second thought I signed up for the QHHT training from Dolores Cannon so I could learn all she knew.

Undoubtedly my interest in QHHT at the time was purely to satisfy my own unabating desire to learn in the infinite personal spiritual journey. Not only I had absolutely no plans of practicing the technique on others, but also I believed that my life purpose concerned strictly me.

The Gifts

On the night I signed up for Dolores’ training, I awakened exactly at 4am with the clearest and most definite notion of someone speaking with me. As I awoke the voice still was ringing in my ears. The next night same thing happened again at exactly the same hour.

During the first night I received a gift whereas the following night the same voice informed me there were three parts to the gift. Though I couldn’t remember the exact words I understood perfectly that the gift was knowledge of highly guarded secrets about the human consciousness. The time and manner it happened are so compelling that it couldn’t be just a dream.

Nonetheless, I still held QHHT as a tool for my own journey.

It finally dawned upon me during my own QHHT session. My purpose was to help others heal and grow, to share the gifts and what I have learned through my own journey.

Client Experiences

Since I started practicing I have been having phenomenal client sessions, such as:

  • Questions answeredabout
  • Long time back and knee problems healed
  • More awareness and harmony with the Subconscious
  • Better understanding of self, life and relationships
  • More clarity about life purposes
  • Freeing of emotional and physical issues caused by past life events
  • Freeing from habits, fear and karma
  • Increased confidence and clearer vision
  • Love and compassion for self and others

Personal Spiritual Journey through SRT

While practicing QHHT, I discovered Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), with which I grew very excited, as I see how it complements QHHT perfectly.

SRT was instrumental in helping me finally break through the glass ceiling in my soul’s journey. This is an amazing gift that I want to share with everyone. Spiritual Response Therapy is a magic and versatile tool that can help dissolve all negative and blocking energies from different levels, realms and dimensions so you can truly find the freedom to be your authentic self.

Through practicing SRT, I reconnected with and reclaimed my psychic medium power, which helps greatly in client SRT sessions and spiritual counseling.

Personal Spiritual Journey of QHHT Together with SRT

While QHHT session infuses clients with new wisdom and purpose SRT is a valuable tool that helps jump start client’s journey of healing and growth. It helps to dissolve all negative energies resulting from intricate hidden blocks, programs and issues carried along from the many incarnations and existences since soul creation.

Spiritual Response Therapy has helped clients become free of negative, often debilitating energies from all levels of consciousness and dimensions.

For my client sessions I rely on exclusive connection with SPIRIT and close collaboration with client’s and my High Self. Each session is in itself a joint meditation session with client. I also receive daily clearing, downloading of wisdom, light, knowledge and understanding, which helps me sustain the high frequency required to provide a holding space for the clients.

Where I Am Now in the Personal Spiritual Journey

personal spiritual journeyThrough facilitating healing sessions for clients and my personal spiritual journey, I came to accept my part in the whole and my purpose in serving humanity, and yes while my own journey continues to unfold.

My personal spiritual journey has come a long way. The work I do now fulfills me and holds me in awe. By the way I’m now happily married with my best friend and soulmate JD. We live together in Lawrenceville, NE Atlanta of Georgia with Jolie and Clarity, our Beagle and black cat.

Your visiting of this page is definitely not a coincidence – Clients told me that they felt being led to me. Likely you are someone who wants to find out who you are and why you are here. And you want to tap in the power of your true authentic self to live a life with purpose, passion, peace, harmony and joy every day for the rest of your life on earth.

So welcome onboard.

She is talented in so many ways and a very highly educated and authentic practitioner. She made me feel very comfortable. She has such a beautiful soul and I am glad I was able to meet her. I came in with so many questions that I thought would never get answered and she was able to assist me in seeking those answers. Working with her has truly positively changed the view of myself, the world, and my purpose within it. I thank you Yuling for all you helped me accomplish with our session.

Mercedes Aracena

Mercedes A

Yuling is absolutely wonderful! She is extremely personable and well skilled at what she does. Highly recommend her!

Michell Howell

Michelle H

The days following, I felt a deep sense of clarity, a “knowing”, about the future direction of my life after I was able to make connections in the hypnosis. I highly recommend Yuling’s work to anyone that feels ambiguous in areas of their life or to anyone that needs healing from physical ailments. The treatment covers it all. We are blessed to have her on our path.


Meredith H

Yuling made the process 100% comfortable and loving. Still experiencing the magical feeling I had after my session with her. I am thankful to have been given the wisdom I had for myself and look forward to what more is to come from this beautiful experience. Thank you so much!


Christina W

Yuling is such a warm, loving soul with a compassionate presence. She holds innate wonder and wholly stands and encourages you through your healing journey. She provides words of wisdom and is truly authentic in her offering. The journey was deep and held such release. I’m really excited to see the transformations to come from my experience and look forward to working with her again


China C

Yuling is an amazing spiritual being! Her energy made me instantly feel comfortable to open up and be vulnerable. I discovered so much about my life Purpose and role as a mother and wife! I left with more clarity and a sense of peace knowing that I’m on the right path!!!


Tiffany S

My session with Yuling was very awakening. She is very insightful and made the experience comfortable. The Quantum Healing Hypnosis definitely is exactly just that! Healing…and I’ve had revelations about the importance of remembering and working through energies that have affected my soul before this lifetime! So freeing, and I felt the growth immediately!!!

karma came

Karma Came

I take it as an honor that you share your journey stories with me.

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