If you are visiting my page, I want you to know I am sending an abundance of loving, positive, healing energy your way!

My name is Apryl and I am dedicated to making the world a better place by helping my clients heal the body, mind, and spirit through quantum healing.

As a child, I felt very different from those around me. I would have feelings and dreams that were “strange” and that I couldn’t explain. People were drawn to me, and would make comments about me having an unusual presence. But because I grew up in an environment that did not support the mystical or unknown, I suppressed my gifts as a form of protection. I always felt different, like I belonged somewhere else. I never quite felt like I was at home.

During my teenage years, I began to recognize again that I had certain “gifts”. There were things that I could do that were completely unexplainable. For example, if a friend was complaining of a headache, I instinctively would put my hands on her forehead and the headache would instantly go away. Like in childhood, I began attracting people to me like a magnet, almost like my presence was a calming force to those around me. I, however, did not feel special in any way. I just thought everyone could do the things I could do.

As I entered adulthood, I did not have a path or guidance. I felt like I was finding my way in the dark. Along the way I had many successes but also made many mistakes. It was very much a learning process. I felt lost most of the time, still searching for my home.

At the age of 27, a tragedy struck my family. It was a tragedy that left me completely devastated. I crumbled, and it was like I had died but my physical body was still alive. For about a year, I felt like the walking dead. But after having a mythical experience, where I was visited by my loved one who had passed, I knew that life did not work the way I thought it did, and there were things out there that I wanted to know more about. This was the beginning of my awakening.

I began searching for answers.

My healing process lasted for many years. It was all trial and error, and I clung to what worked and let go of what didn’t. What I can offer you today is the knowledge I have gained through years of study and practice. I know what it is like to be in the dark and then find the light.

My passion, and what changed everything for me, is Spiritual Response Therapy and QHHT. I found my path, my purpose, and my home.

You can find yours too. Your life really can shift in an instant.

I would like to offer you a space to begin a process of healing!

She is talented in so many ways and a very highly educated and authentic practitioner. She made me feel very comfortable. She has such a beautiful soul and I am glad I was able to meet her. I came in with so many questions that I thought would never get answered and she was able to assist me in seeking those answers. Working with her has truly positively changed the view of myself, the world, and my purpose within it. I thank you Yuling for all you helped me accomplish with our session.

Mercedes Aracena

Mercedes A

Yuling is absolutely wonderful! She is extremely personable and well skilled at what she does. Highly recommend her!

Michell Howell

Michelle H

The days following, I felt a deep sense of clarity, a “knowing”, about the future direction of my life after I was able to make connections in the hypnosis. I highly recommend Yuling’s work to anyone that feels ambiguous in areas of their life or to anyone that needs healing from physical ailments. The treatment covers it all. We are blessed to have her on our path.


Meredith H

Yuling made the process 100% comfortable and loving. Still experiencing the magical feeling I had after my session with her. I am thankful to have been given the wisdom I had for myself and look forward to what more is to come from this beautiful experience. Thank you so much!


Christina W

Yuling is such a warm, loving soul with a compassionate presence. She holds innate wonder and wholly stands and encourages you through your healing journey. She provides words of wisdom and is truly authentic in her offering. The journey was deep and held such release. I’m really excited to see the transformations to come from my experience and look forward to working with her again


China C

Yuling is an amazing spiritual being! Her energy made me instantly feel comfortable to open up and be vulnerable. I discovered so much about my life Purpose and role as a mother and wife! I left with more clarity and a sense of peace knowing that I’m on the right path!!!


Tiffany S

My session with Yuling was very awakening. She is very insightful and made the experience comfortable. The Quantum Healing Hypnosis definitely is exactly just that! Healing…and I’ve had revelations about the importance of remembering and working through energies that have affected my soul before this lifetime! So freeing, and I felt the growth immediately!!!

karma came

Karma Came

I take it as an honor that you share your journey stories with me.

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