A Dream with a Lot of Symbolism

This article is a sequel to the previous story about clearing black magic for a client. For that story, read HERE.

After the clearing session

When I work with SRT clearing, I faithfully follow the process, highly focused but without any mental input. It almost feels like a meditation, in which you focus on your breathing, but here you focus on the pendulum movement.

It was about 6:30 in the evening after I finished wrapping up the session with the client. That night I couldn’t fall asleep as I was still ecstatic, replaying how the clearing work went with the unexpected spiritual teammates and triumphing over the immediate positive feedback from the client. I felt elated at the huge impact.

Not only the client’s physical, mental and emotional states were changed, but also the dark spirits and negative energy were captured and returned to the Source, decreasing earth’s negative energy.

I had a strange dream

I finally went to sleep around midnight, but only to be awaken from a dream “realer“ than real life.

In my dream, I was inside what appeared to be the home building where I grew up, the only difference was that we actually lived on the first floor, but in my dream I lived on the top floor.

Earth-shattering experience

All of a sudden, the building started tilting away from the street. The thought that rushed through my mind was earthquake, volcano, end of the earth. I awoke trying to grasp something to hold onto while gasping for air.

I pinched my arm – still alive. It was only a dream. Falling back to sleep, the dream continued. The building tilted back and forth by 45 degrees each way, several times, but there were no noises or shaking of any kind. The strangest thing was that I wasn’t sliding back and forth with the building because the floor stayed leveled. I was completely not affected, the only reason I knew the building was tilting was the view outside the window. Normally, I would see the street and the buildings on the other side of the street, but now I was looking at the sky on the backward tilt and at the ground on the forward tilt.

I woke up again briefly and then went back to sleep while the dream continued. Now the movements stopped, I looked out of the window to get a better idea of what had happened. The first thing I noticed was the city’s big river in front of me. But in the past, there used to be several blocks of buildings that blocked my view of the river; and more strangely, there were no debris or ruins.

I awoke again because I couldn’t believe my eyes. All right it was not real, back to sleep. I tried to look at the river more clearly. It didn’t look like the river I had always known. It appeared to be silvery and pearly and instead of flowing with ripples and sounds, it flew quietly and smoothly.

I do not always remember my dreams, and even when I do sometimes, I forget them quickly after I get up. This dream was so clear that it felt more real than life. The images stayed fresh in my memory even after months have gone by.

There is no doubt this dream has to do with the SRT clearing I did for Lacy.

I already have some ideas about the meaning of the dream, but I would like you to help me with any insights and interpretation.

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