Can Everyone be Hypnotized?

What is the state of being hypnotized ?  First of all, we must clarify that hypnosis is a natural state of the mind that you experience everyday.  Times such as when you completely focused on a project in the office, or when you buried yourself deeply in a book, or when you held intense interest in a movie you were watching, you’d be in fact hypnotized.

A person is hypnotized when the brain activity slows down, along with the feeling of relaxation physically and mentally.

The best way to describe hypnosis is: Your body feels very relaxed while your mind is very focused.  It’s not the case when you are asleep or anesthetized, for your body may feel relaxed but the mind lacks focus.

When there is focus of the mind it is free from any mental chatter.  Furthermore, noises and happenings around you will not distract you when you are in hypnosis like this.

Everyone can experience a successful past life regression as long as they stay curious about hypnosis to a past life.  And most importantly, as long as they don’t hold a belief inside them saying that they can’t get hypnotized!  You are the sum of your beliefs.  It’s utterly important that you keep your mind open and be curious to learn.

If you are not sure whether you can experience a very successful session, practice the following affirmations:

  • It is easy for me to remember my past lives
  • I want to know and understand the events and emotions and experiences that occurred in my past lives
  • I can remember everything that is important for me to know and understand about my past lives
  • My past-life memories will help me in my present life
  • I will gain profound insight and understanding from my past-life memories
  • My past-life memories will help me understand the origins of events that are occurring now in my life
  • I am able to remember and understand all the events and emotions that I experienced in my past lives
  • My past-life memories open up naturally, and as they open up, I become aware of them and understand them.

With an open-mind attitude and curiosity to find out information, everyone can be hypnotized to a past life, and learn from the experience.

It is by divine order that you are here because you are matching the vibrations of the information on this website.  We feel it an honor to act as a vessel to help you unlock and activate the universal knowing that’s in you.

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