What Happens After Death – Hypnotized Client Tells

A hypnotized client’s experience of what happens after death

Dolores Cannon, who developed Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) said that it is very important for take clients through their death scene in past lives.

What happens after death?  Thousands of QHHT clients have always reported the same thing.

As an illustration, the following clip recording is about a client in past life regression, where he (the past life character) just died.  Let’s see what he says about where he (the soul) went.

After I took him through the death scene, he went to the other side.  There he described seeing a “longer person”, like a shadow.

For one thing it’s quite intriguing that he should use “longer” instead of “taller” to describe the person he saw over there.

At the same time it is not uncommon that clients describe the beings on the other side as shadow like, given that these beings are spirits and have no definite forms.

Earlier in the session, he experienced the greatest joy of his son marrying the daughter of his best friend.  He described to me how they danced and what a sumptuous feast they were having at the wedding.

Subsequently the daughter-in-law died of illness, which instantly cast him in sadness and brought him to tears.

While in there he also saw his (past life) parents, who had died before him.  In the present life both of his parents are still living.

It seems almost like he was hearing the news as we spoke that someone got chosen to leave that place and live again (as earth-bound human).

When I asked him if he got chosen, he said he just got there.  In fact, he probably wasn’t in the mood to leave that place yet.  It’s quite noteworthy about the contrast of how good a person feels when he gets to the other side and how excited the others are when they find out that they’re bounding for earth again.

It is equally outstanding to find out from the client that he had neither ideas of nor believed in incarnation.

Dolores observed in her work that it doesn’t matter what people believe or not believe they all report the same thing in the trance when on the other side.


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