Parallel Lives Visited in QHHT Session

No past life reviewed during the past life regression

During a recent Quantum Healing Hypnosis session (QHHT) the client recalled three different parallel lives, not the usual past lives.

In all the three different life times the client described places, technology, activities that mirror the current life time.  For instance, the activities involved humanitarian doctor helping in a 3rd world country, IT and Investment Banker.

The client might lead an entirely different life and might even look different, but she identified with their feelings and emotions.

In a QHHT past life regression session, the subconscious always brings forth lives and events that are most relevant to the client’s current life situations.

The subconscious has amazing consistency in what past lives it brings forth.  In the same manner the subconscious also has the most logical and consistent choices with parallel lives.

It doesn’t matter what lifetimes come through, the subconscious always shows exactly what the client needs to see.  In the case of this particular client, the answers she’s seeking are more about choices she makes than the influences of her past lives.

Through reviewing the three different lives the client gained clarity about the direction of her life journey.

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