Your Spiritual Journey: Dating, Romance or Marriage?

Where are you on your spiritual journey?

Spiritual journey is more than a process of spiritual growth, it is also a relationship.  Specifically, it is an intimate relationship, with god, the divine, the source or whatever you prefer to call it.

As a relationship, it goes through different stages, each marked by its own characteristics.  The relationship begins with dating, followed by romance, ends up in marriage and “living happily ever after”.

Unlike human intimate relationship, which requires both partners to make efforts in order to grow, this relationship is entirely up to you.  The reason is simply being that the divine is love and perfect, and always meets you wherever you are.

Let’s take a look at each of the stages.

The dating stage is when you are searching for the potentially right relationship.  By all means you should check out all beliefs, theories and teachings.

This is a time you look at every potentially eligible possibility, give it some consideration, spend some time to learn everything you can to determine the compatibility.  Put the best foot forward in the hope it be the right one; however, if it turns out otherwise you just move on.

In the romance stage, you have found the right beliefs that resonate with your soul.  Romance is undoubtedly the most beautiful stage of a relationship with much excitement and mystery.

You are interested to discover everything you can about the relationship.  You can’t help thinking about it all the time, what’s more, every time you think about it you get warm fuzzy feelings, and you feel “high” all the time.

Henceforth your eyes sparkle and your face is radiant with bliss while everything looks rosy.  High spiritedness is the order of the day, such that you smile, laugh, sing and dance around all day long.

On the other hand, romance stage is also associated with detachment from everyday life- what we call reality.  It almost seems as though you don’t live in this physical environment.

The marriage stage marks the maturity of your relationship with the divine.  Different from the romance stage, you are completely committed for life with total knowing, trust and security.

There may not be the romantic sparkly eyes, but in its place there is the mature gaze in the eyes that amplifies peace and serenity.

In this stage you are interested in getting your life in alignment, with spirit leading the way, followed by emotional, relational, financial and physical balance.  There is the realization that at some point, every area in your life has to get in balance or else your spiritual journey cannot advance further.

In marriage you no longer look at each other through colored lenses, instead, you have the deep knowing.  You embrace each other as you are.  Because of the safety and the commitment, you desire to become a better person for the sake of the relationship.

Inwardly you want to find out who you are and how to be connected to your true essence, while outwardly you want to take on (adult) tasks and do what needs to be done, hence finding your purpose in life for the greater good.

If you are in the dating stage, keep an open mind and take your time.  Do not mind what labels people put on it, on the contrary, look at the content and see for yourself.

If there’s anything that is counter-intuitive, move on.  “Seek and you shall find”.  Your true relationship is there all the time waiting, but it is a journey to find it.

If you are in the romance stage, enjoy the feeling, in particular if you just came out of a bad storm, where you had suffered injuries and wounds.  Because this is a time you learn to feel love and see beauty in life again.

While romance feels great and is a much needed foundation for the relationship, there are mature works ahead.  Therefore, don’t think for a minute that that’s all to it, lest you miss out growing into adulthood in your spiritual journey.

There are good marriages and average marriages, for this reason think about what kind of marriage you want to have.  It is very important to set the intention.

When first entering the marriage stage there could be the feeling of almost being “unspiritual”.  Remember the feeling of romance and how you got there in the first place.  Trust that you are still advancing in your journey so long as you remain committed and diligent.

Every stage has a different purpose and different lessons to learn.  Therefore, embrace what you have become and focus on this part of the journey.

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