Past Life Hypnosis – What Is It Like

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This past life hypnosis session was one of the earliest ones I did for a friend, who I have a lot of admiration for.  She teaches yoga, breath works and meditation.  In fact I took an 8-week meditation course with her two years ago.  She is a wonderful teacher, a fine spirit and a great friend.

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My friend and I always have more things to talk about than time allows.  It is no exception this time for the interview part of the session.  It took us nearly four hours to finish the interview.

As my friend is a daily meditation practitioner it took me no time to put her in the trance, as she drifted into a past life in the coastal Ireland in the 18th century.

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My friend got keen eyes for details as she described everything she was viewing.

The house made of stone and wood was built into a hillside with a roof of thick green moss.  The big kitchen with cast iron around the hearth was the heart of the home where family ate and friends gathered.

She described the dinner they were having: Irish stew with spinach, boiled potatoes, thick crusted bread in big pieces.  They served dinner in nice hand-made ceramic bowls but ate with spoons.

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Her subconscious was ready to come to the front and thus join the conversation instantly.  It sounded confident, powerful, eager to help and particularly eloquent.

The talk with the subconscious is markedly the climax of all quantum healing hypnosis sessions.  Not only does it answer any questions but also heals emotional and physical complaints.

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Since I forgot to turn off the recording when the session ended, I caught my friend and I chatting at the end of the recording.

Hence you will have the opportunity to hear what my friend said right after she came out of the trance about her quantum healing hypnosis – past life regression session with me.

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