Dolores Cannon on Natural Healing

Dolores Cannon
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Dolores Cannon spoke at the 3rd Annual Transformation Conference in 2008.  While at the conference she talks about how the upcoming time of natural healing.

She felt honored to be doing the ground work for the upcoming times.  The fact is we all are honored to have received the gift of the knowledge and the technique to meet the vast need.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Quick fixes created more problems”][/ultimate_heading]

In the past recent years people considered natural healing unscientific and ineffective.

The American society in particular put emphasis on quick fixes with pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries and chemotherapies.

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Things have really turned around in the recent years, as a result of the more devastations created by the quick fixes.

People everywhere are rediscovering the power of natural modalities of healing.

Due to the fact that people all over the globe are awakening  the earth frequencies are rising, which causes more awakening.

Consequently more and more people are turning away from the so called “modern medicine”.  They are looking for alternative healing modalities.

Surprisingly, even doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are switching to alternative healing ways.

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