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Past Life Hypnosis – A Client’s Great Sketches

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An ancient Almanac complier in his past life!

As soon as the hypnosis induction ended the client regressed immediately into a past life in the ancient Middle East.  His family was in charge of compiling the Almanac for generations. First of all, he recorded everything he observed on scrolls of papyrus, and then put his seal on the scrolls.

What’s most noteworthy was the design of the seal which he described as having an eye with some spikes around the eye.  More over he was wearing a ring that had the same design of an eye with spikes.

After he came out of the past life hypnosis I asked him to draw a sketch of the eye design he saw.

Hence, he did these sketches.  The first one was the eye in the design of his seal and ring whereas the second was a sword or a dagger that he saw in the past life scenes.  Another interesting detail he noticed about the sword was that it had an ornament of a precious jewel below the handle.

The next day I was looking up in which Mesopotamian countries the Tigris runs, given that his Subconscious gave the word “Tigris” when I asked where that past life took place.

Of course the river Tigris runs through Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, but that was still not enough to pinpoint the past life place.  In the meantime I began to listen to the session recordings when something caught my attention.

Just as I finished counting him out of the past life hypnosis he said that he just saw the crescent moon in the sky.

Neither of us had any idea about the relevance of it so we  brushed it aside.

All of a sudden it became clear to me now as I was listening to the recording.

The past life place was the land of Turkey!

Turkey is the only country in the Tigris region that has the crescent moon on its flag.  It’s important to realize that he saw the image as he was being counted out, not when he was in the past life trance.  After all, it was his subconscious helping us with an important clue.

I remembered my trip to Turkey a few years ago.  The tourist guide gave everybody a souvenir called the “Turkish eye”.  It seemed that the Turks were mysteriously and undoubtedly fascinated with the “eye”.

The sword with ornament seemed familiar as I thought about the Turkish historic fiction television series “TheMagnificent Century”.

The client did a great job drawing the sketches from his memory.  Notice the eye in the sketch that looks so sharp and seems to follow you around no matter which direction you move?

Without delay I called the client to tell him what I had found. Hardly had I uttered the words “crescent moon” when my lips froze.

My eyes got magnetized on this book on my bookshelf “The Arabian Nights”.

This is a book I got for Christmas a few years ago, which I had not touched. I pass by the bookshelf daily and have never noticed either the book nor the crescent moon, until this moment!

How amazing!

While I love my work as I enjoy helping people connect with their true selves, here comes the bonus: the work has sparked my renewed interest in peoples, cultures, geography, history….

I certainly will find more connections and feel differently when I travel again to different countries of the world.

By the way, I highly recommend the Turkish historical fiction Television Series “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” (The Magnificent Century).  Interesting story line, beautiful costumes and colors, great cast.  It was on Netflix.

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