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Back injury symptom had been bothering a client/friend for many years. His problem grew worse over time even though he had many different therapies.

During the past life regression session, he found himself the only son of an English nobleman living in a 17th century English castle.

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One day when he was a young man he went out hunting with his father.  His horse took a fall caused by a tree. He fell off the horse back resulting in a very serious lower back injury.

His servants carried him back to the castle while his father summoned different doctors.  Nonetheless he could never walk again. past life regression- old wheel-chairFor this reason the back injury bound him to a wheel-chair for the rest of his life.  His faithful servant cared for him until his death.

He remained single all his life.  He thus devoted all his time to observing and studying the sky, writing many books in his study.

Equally important was how he changed from a privileged nobleman to a very sympathetic person.  He cared for the common people and wished to help them whenever he could.

Years later he died of an old age. When I asked him what death was like he described the feeling as being free, happy, and unlimited.

He said it was good that he had the back injury, because when he lost the ability to function normally he grew strong inward and got connected with something much bigger than life itself.

One cannot help but notice how the spirit had a totally different perspective than the physical perspective.

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Later in the session I asked the Subconscious to fix his back problem, to which the Subconscious replied “He DOESN’T have any back problem”. I thought for a little and asked again “So the back injury was due to THAT life time then?” The Subconscious confirmed it.

He has been well since then.  One of his physical therapist noticed that his shoulders were even and his back are straight. He found it much easier and smoother in yoga class in spite of not having gone to yoga class for months.

The session on this client/friend was one of the first ones I did.  As a result the instant healing greatly encouraged me even though I was just learning to practice the technique.

Thanks to Dolores Cannon‘s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

Amazing what your subconscious can do when you believe!

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