Dolores Cannon – the Lady Who Inspired Me


Dolores Cannon was an extraordinary American avant-garde in the art of hypnosis through past life regression.

It was through her 45 years of pioneer work and experiments that Dolores Cannon developed the technique QHHT.

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Thousands of her students now practice Dolores’ Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), helping people in all walks of life.

Through working with the subconscious, Dolores Cannon helped people heal from emotional and physical conditions.  In addition she published 19 books in her life time, helping solve the mystery of life and the universe.

We learn from Dolores Cannon’s work that we are spirits having a physical experience on earth.  While the body is but a temporary vehicle we use to experience the physical life, the soul is who we really are.

And the soul always thirsts for the meaning of life and needs different fulfillment than physical things can ever give.  That’s the reason worldly achievements can’t satisfy us.

This great American lady’s work touched many souls.  “Find the thing you want to do more than anything”, Dolores advised.

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